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Past Members

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  2. Past Ph.D Students
  3. Past Masters Students
  4. Past Undergraduate Thesis Students
  5. Past NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA)s
  6. Past Undergraduate Project Students
  7. Past High School Co-Op Students
  8. Past Research Assistants
  9. Past Undergraduate Volunteers
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Past Post-Doctoral Fellows

Connie (Constance) O'Connor

  • Conservation Scientist position
  • Wildlife Conservation Society, Canada
  • Leading the Northern Boreal Freshwater Program

Connie studies behavioural and physiological ecology. Her integrative research at McMaster University combines genomic, physiological, and behavioural tools to understand the evolution of social behaviour in cichlid fishes, and to understand how social behaviour is influenced by environmental perturbations. Connie received her B.Sc. from McGill University, where she studied cichlid gill morphology in hypoxic environments. She completed her Ph.D. at Carleton University, with Dr. Steve Cooke, and was co-supervised by Dr. Katie Gilmour.  She investigated how individual variation in physiology and behaviour relates to fitness and population-level processes in centrarchid fishes. Connie joined the Balshine lab as an E.B. Eastburn postdoctoral fellow in 2011, and has been an NSERC postdoctoral fellow since 2013.  Connie is co-mentored by Dr. Nadia Aubin-Horth.

Member: 2011-2014

For more information, please visit Connie's website.

Past Ph.D Students

Cody Dey

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Windsor

Cody joined the lab in January 2010 and is studying dominance, communication and social structure in cooperatively breeding birds and fishes. He received his BSc. from the University of Ottawa where he worked with Drs. Steve Cooke and Katie Gilmour on parental care behaviour in smallmouth bass. Cody is supported by an NSERC CGS and is co-supervised by Dr. Jim Quinn.

Member: 2010-2015

For more information, please visit Cody's website or check out his cool new video

Past Masters Students

Natalie Sopinka

  • PhD Student, University of British Columbia

Research area: Effects of contaminants on sperm characteristics.

Member: 2008-2010

Past Undergraduate Thesis Students

Henry Kou

  • Research Assistant

Research area: Cues of Paternity in Plainfin midshipman fish.

Member: 2014-2015
2014 USRA

Past NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA)s

Pauline Capelle

  • M.Sc. student, University of Windsor

Research area: Round goby social behaviour in a contaminated habitat
2012 USRA

Henry Kou

  • Research Assistant

Research area: Cues of Paternity in Plainfin midshipman fish.

Member: 2014-2015
2014 USRA

Past Undergraduate Project Students

Braeden Terpou

  • Undergraduate student, McMaster University

Research area: Brood abandonment in the plainfin

Member: 2014

Past Research Assistants

Jennifer Beneteau

  • PhD Student, University of British Columbia

Research area: Studies of the cooperatively breeding fish, Neolamprologus pulcher

Member: 2005-2006

Past Undergraduate Volunteers

Preet Kaur

Duties: Lab maintenance and fish health checks

Member: 2013-2014

Past Volunteers

Torri Pyett

  • DFO field research assistant

Research area: Nest size in midshipman fish on the west coast of North America.

Member: 2013-2014