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About Us


ABEL is an evolutionary behavioural ecology research group. We take an interdisciplinary approach and investigate the evolution of complex breeding systems, social behaviour, reproductive tactics, and decision-making in animal societies. By combining comparative analyses, game theory and population modelling with more traditional behavioural techniques, we have been able to answer a broad range of behavioural questions in a diversity of taxa, with a definite focus on fish. Our research takes place in both the lab and field, and includes varied techniques such as molecular genetics, neuroendocrinology, sperm analyses, and even gene expression studies in the context of manipulative experiments, behavioural observations, and ecological and population sampling. One recent focus explores how animal behaviour is being shaped and changed by human impacts on the environment.

To learn about the field sites and study organisms we use to address our research questions, visit the Research section for more details.

If you are a bright, motivated student and are interested in graduate or undergraduate thesis work in our research group, please get in touch and introduce yourself. Please include your CV/resume and a brief explanation of your research interests. We are accepting applications from students interested in completing a M.Sc. or Ph.D.

ABEL is committed to be a kind, safe, and positive place for all. We welcome diversity from all ethnic, cultural, gender, religious and sexual identities. We aim to promote inclusion, equity and diversity in all we do and treat everyone respectfully. ABEL stands in support of anti-racism and anti-discrimination.