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Binjal Pradhan


Binjal is a second year Molecular Biology and Genetics student who joined the lab in the summer of 2021. As a work/study student and “floater” in the lab she gets to help in multiple projects in the lab. From helping catch gobies during field work to caring for the minnows and cichlids, she does everything from feeding, health checks, water quality and changes to lab maintenance! She is officially a part of Team Cichlid, Team Caffeine, Team Pop Mon and Team Baby Goby (Dispersal of Invasive species). She is everyone’s right hand person for the year and hopes to learn more about every project in the lab and help where she can! As she navigates her first year on campus, she wants to develop her lab skills, develop her writing techniques, and do fun experiments with the team, and stay as dry as she can!"