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Sina Zarini


Sina is interested in fish behaviour, its impacts on population dynamics, and how anthropogenic environmental changes (habitat alteration, invasions of exotic species) influences behaviour and populations.  Sina received his BSc in Animal Biology from the Urmia University and his MSc in Marine Biology (Marine Animals) from the Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, Iran.  During his MSc which was supervised by Dr. Bahram Kiabi and Dr. Asghar Abdoli, Sina studied the effect of riprap, one of the most common human-made structures for coastal hardening, on gobies abundance and species composition in the southern Caspian Sea coast.   In his PhD Sina plans to focus on factors influencing the ratios of guarders and sneakers in round gobies across populations (native, established, and invasion fronts), and how the social and physical environment influence the abundance and ratio of two male reproductive tactics: guarders and sneakers.