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  1. Research Assistants

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Research Assistants

Kate Brower

Kate Brouwer is a third year student in environmental life sciences at Queen’s University. Kate is working as a Research Assistant at ABEL for the first time this year. She is working on a summer project about the husbandry of fathead minnows, a new species to ABEL, as well as population monitoring round gobies.

Tabitha Mirza

I am a high school co-op student and joined ABEL in the summer of 2018 as a component of my SHSM - the e program - at Pauline Johnson C&VS.  I am very interested in marine biology and I have had the opportunity to gain experience in the lab by participating in population monitoring of the round goby and zone of impact, assisting in trials for an undergrad thesis, conducting dissections and overall lending a hand wherever and whenever I can.