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  1. Research Assistants

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Research Assistants

Joyce Chan

Joyce joined the lab in October 2015. She the work-study student and is responsible for conducting weekly fish health checks and tank maintenance as well as other research jobs as required. Joyce is in her 2nd year  of an Honours Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour  degree with music cognition specialization.  During her spare time, she enjoys playing music, figure skating, and playing badminton.

Noah Houpt

Noah is the summer USRA student helping out with the plain fin midshipman project in British Columbia in May and June and now in July and August will be helping with ABEL round goby research projects.  Noah is particularly interested in the costs of living in the dynamic intertidal zone and is investigating predation risk and the.costs of air exposure in plain fin midshipman  Welcome Noah.

Natasha Leadbeater

Natasha is a 3rd year PNB student, who is specializing in mental health.  She has been working since October 2015 as an ABEL work-study student.  She headed up the Round Goby population monitoring study all summer and is now helping maintain the fish breeding facility and with fish care and ordering. Natasha has a strong interest in animal behaviour and has taken care of dogs, cats, birds and turtles for many years.