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  1. Undergrad Project Students

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Undergrad Project Students

Dezi Ahuja

Dezi is a Honours Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour student, doing a 2QQ3 with ABEL. Supervised by Adrienne Maclean, his current work observes the behaviour of Bluegill exposed to varying levels of oxygen from different locations. This is Dezi's first time working with ABEL, and he is very excited to be a part of the team.

Angelica Batac

Angelica a fourth year Life Sciences student who joined the lab in July 2016. She is doing a PNB project under the co-supervision of Aneesh Bose, quantifying the reproductive success of midshipman eggs.  She also volunteer in maintenance of cichlid lab tanks. When not in the lab, she enjoys creating animation and audio editing, as well as taking an interest in social hierarchies in animals, primarily fish. 

Marlene Malik

Marlene is completing her 4th year of an Honours Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour (B. Sc.) degree and joined ABEL in 2016. She is currently working with Ph.D. candidate Aneesh Bose to measure the nest densities of midshipman fish to better understand midshipman reproductive ecology. Marlene is interested in alternative reproductive tactics and how different factors, like territory density, influence reproductive success. 

Kate Raymond

Kate is a third year undergraduate student majoring in PNB. She began working with ABEL in 2016 as part of the round goby sampling team, responsible for collecting round goby around the Hamilton Harbor and monitoring population. Kate has a passion for the outdoors and is interested in studying human impacts on the environment. 

Emilie Rayner

Emilie is a 3rd year BioPsych student working on her first project with ABEL.  She has been volunteering with ABEL since February 2016 and is now working on the invasive round goby in relation to contaminants in Hamilton Harbour.  She has been previously involved in a project determining the ecological baseline for Ancaster creek. She really loves field work and being outdoors, and has a particular interest in how waste water affects aquatic organism behaviour.

Yinan Zhang

Yinan is a 4th year Honors Life Science student who joined the ABEL lab in 2016.  She is am currently working with Ph.D. candidate Aneesh Bose on how the lunar cycle affects the reproduction of Midshipman fish. She is examining the cohort ages of nests obtained from BC.