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  1. Undergrad Thesis Students

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Undergrad Thesis Students

Joanna Cunnan

Joanna is a 4th Year student in the Honours Life Sciences program. She joined the ABEL lab in September 2016 for an undergraduate thesis.  She, is  working with Jessica Miller in studying the Alternative Reproductive Tactics and sperm competition seen in Plainfin Midshipman fish. Joanna's research is focused on measuring sperm densities from guarder vs. sneaker males from ejactulate samples obtained in British Columbia.  

Emphraim David

Ephraim is  a 4th year Honours Biology and Psychology Undergraduate student currently doing a thesis project with the ABEL lab.  He is being supervised by  Jessica Miller and Sigal Balshine. His project focuses on sperm competition between the different reproductive tactics of the midshipman males. Specifically, he is looking at differential sperm morphology and see the potential effects of mucins and other components of seminal vesicle fluid on sperm performance in fertilizing ability. 

Shagun Jindal

Shagun is a 4th year undergraduate student at McMaster University. She is in the Life Sciences Co-op Program.  Shagun joined the ABEL lab in May 2013.  In 2013 she conducted sediment analysis for the Round Goby Diet Study and was co-supervised by Susan Marsh-Rollo.  In 2014  Shagun worked alongside Connie O'Connor to quantify the predation responses of Neolamprologus puncher and Aneesh Bose to do DNA extraction for paternity analyses.  This year Shagun is back to do her undergraduate thesis in ABEL.  She is working on cannibalism as a reproductive strategy for take-over males in Tanganyikan cichlids.

Joseph (Joe) Jodoin

Joe is back this year to complete an undergraduate thesis in ABEL.  He is working on how social behaviour and specifically cooperative breeding in cichlid fishes influences cognition in general and more specifically learning.


Naylor Lobban

Naylor has been in ABEL in many different positions.  We just won't let him leave.  This year he has returned as a 4th year thesis student.  He has led the round goby field sampling team over the summer and this year. Naylor is involved in collecting and monitoring round goby around Hamilton Harbour and is involved in research that explores how diet interacts with the morphology, reproductive output and behaviour of the round goby. 

Nick Luymes

Nick is a 4th year Integrated Science (ISci) Student.  He is doing his undergraduate thesis in ABEL.  Nick's research is about   the connection between resource density and reproductive success for plainfin midshipman, a singing toadfish. Nick is exploring the importance of the social neighbourhood surrounding a male territory  and how nest density impacts mate choice and male reproductive success. The natural variation in the density of plainfin midshipman nesting sites makes them an ideal model for exploring this connection between territory density and reproductive success.  Nick held an NSERC USRA and worked with Aneesh Bose in British Columbia during the summer of 2015.

Kirsten Nikel

  • Kirsten will be starting her thesis in the autumn but for now is working as a summer research assistant. Her research focuses on the fish community structure and the impact of wastewater effluent on this structure. She is also working on sorting out how wastewater influences fish behaviour and physiology.

Sanduni Talagala

Sanduni joined ABEL in September 2015 as a volunteer helping maintain the fish rooms.  After   assisting Aneesh Bose in a assessment of the biodiversity found in plain fin midshipman nests on the west coast of North America, she decided to stay in ABEL for her undergraduate thesis.  Sanduni has been conducting research on the significance of operculum markings in a social context in the cichlid, Neolamprologus pulcher.