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  1. Undergrad Thesis Students

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Undergrad Thesis Students

Joseph (Joe) Jodoin

Joe is back this year to complete an undergraduate thesis in ABEL.  He is working on how social behaviour and specifically cooperative breeding in cichlid fishes influences cognition in general and more specifically learning.


Vanessa Ng

Vanessa is completing her fourth year of Honours Biology and joined the lab in April 2017. She previously worked with Jessica Miller to analyze sperm surface area in guarder and sneaker males of plainfin midshipman fish. She is now focusing on midshipman parental behaviour in lab versus field conditions with Aneesh Bose.

Kirsten Nikel

  • Kirsten will be starting her thesis in the autumn but for now is working as a summer research assistant. Her research focuses on the fish community structure and the impact of wastewater effluent on this structure. She is also working on sorting out how wastewater influences fish behaviour and physiology.

Emilie Rayner

Emilie is a 4th year BioPsych student working on her thesis project in ABEL.  She has been volunteering and working with ABEL since February 2016.  She works on the invasive round goby  in Hamilton Harbour and is exploring population and individual behavioural biases with various gear types.   Emilie really loves field work and being outdoors, and has a particular interest in how waste water affects aquatic organism behaviour.

Sanduni Talagala

Sanduni joined ABEL in September 2015 as a volunteer helping maintain the fish rooms.  After   assisting Aneesh Bose in a assessment of the biodiversity found in plain fin midshipman nests on the west coast of North America, she decided to stay in ABEL for her undergraduate thesis.  Sanduni has been conducting research on the significance of operculum markings in a social context in the cichlid, Neolamprologus pulcher.