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  1. Volunteers

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Jaqueline Garnett

  • Jacqueline is a third year Integrated Science student. She has a keen interest in evolution and social behaviour. She joined the lab in September 2017 and will be helping with the round goby project.

Noah Houpt

Noah was the summer 2017 USRA student.  He helped out with the plain fin midshipman project in British Columbia in May and June and  in July and August helped with various ABEL round goby research projects.  Noah is particularly interested in the costs of living in the dynamic intertidal zone and is investigating predation risk and the.costs of air exposure in plain fin midshipman  Noah is now volunteering in the lab.

Maria Pricop

Maria is our grade 12 co-op student. She has a lot to learn and helps out our lab members in anything they require an extra pair of hands with, although most of her contributions so far have pertained to the round goby project. Her beliefs align with those of our fish; just keep swimming and you won't drown (in school work and poor time management skills). Fortunately, she is gaining a lot from her placement and is happy to report she now has an inkling of what she wants to do with her life, having a keen interest in evolutionary biology and animal behaviour.

Lianne Ralph

Lianne is one of our newest volunteers and is helping out with both the diet study and with video coding for our studies of the effects of wastewater on fishes.  Welcome Lianne!

Alex Limin Wang

  • Alex joined the lab as a volunteer in May. She is helping with the round goby population monitoring project and with lab maintenance and fish care. Welcome Alex.