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File Pascal source code Visitors from the Deep
Aneesh Bose's Prize Winning Climate Change Video Aneesh Bose's video describes the natural history and importance of the plainfin midshipman, a singing toadfish from the Pacific Ocean. Aneesh uses this species to study parental behaviour, cannibalism and competition between males. Aneesh won a Go Pro camera for his amazing video.
File Something Fishy about Wastewater
Fish living in urban environments are exposed to treated wastewater. Our research teams are uncovering how this contamination affects the fish’s behaviour and physiology. Third Place in The 2015 iClimate Video Competition. By Sherry Du, Erin McCallum, Jasmine Choi, Maryam Vaseghi and Theresa Warrine
File text/x-asm Badge of Status
Cody Dey - November 2013: Follow Cody Dey as he investigates animal communication in one of New Zealand's iconic birds, the pukeko.
File Balshine Lab - Research Profile
Science Media Lab - Jan 29, 2013
File application/rls-services+xml Studying Hamilton's harbour invaders
McMasterUTV - Aug 7, 2012: Undergraduate student Pauline Capelle and graduate student Erin McCallum are part of the team studying the round goby in Hamilton Harbour. Working out of Sigal Balshine's Aquatic Behavioural Ecology Lab at McMaster University, the researchers are working to better understand the invasive fish and its interactions with native species.
File Tanganyika Travels I
Alex Jordan - Dec 10, 2011: Underwater video and images of wild cichlids in Lake Tanganyika, taken during Alex's research trip in August-December 2011. Video editing was done by Carla Avolio and Alex Jordan.
File Pascal source code Lake Tanganyika Research Trip
Alex Jordan - Jan 14, 2010: Video from a research trip to Lake Tanganyika, Zambia, in September to December 2008. Music by Ayub Ogada 'Kothbiro', video by Marian Wong and Alex Jordan.
File Timelapse of the intertidal
Midshipman fish research crew working in the intertidal zone as the tide recedes